#AtoZChallenge 2018 – T for Tianmen Mountain

One of the most awesome places I’ve ever been to in China has to be Tianmen Mountain in Hunan Province. To get there requires a 30-minute cable car ride from the heart of the city to the top of the mountain. The best way to see Tianmen Mountain, I think, is with a tour group since cable car fare does not come cheap and the amount you pay to tour companies usually cover the fare.

I visited Tianmen Mountain in March 2017 as a four-day tour through Hunan Province with my aunt and her friend. It was a great experience though I did wish I had a little more time. There is so much to see at this place. There’s a glass bridge which is always crowded with people who wanted to rush through it or scaredy cats. I was one of those people who wanted to linger and enjoy the view of the mountains and the frosty cliffs beneath my feet.

Then there’s also a temple, which I did not get to visit. Ooh, and let’s don’t forget the road with 99 twists and turns. Those will be some awesome destinations reserved for my visit.

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