#AtoZChallenge 2018 – W for Washington

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, I flew on my own to Washington D.C. for Thanksgiving 2008. My mom purchased the ticket for me as I was only 17 at the time and my mom didn’t want me to get a job at that age. Anyway, I arrived at Dulles International Airport on a cloudy afternoon. My first impression of Washington D.C., I remember, was that it felt a little mucky and humid.

One of the purpose of my trip was to bring some utensils (chopsticks) and noodles for my mom. Apparently, there wasn’t a lot of places in Virginia that sold chopsticks and Japanese noodles back then. Of course, the other purpose of the trip was to see the nation’s Capitol.

The day after my arrival in D.C., my mom woke me at 7 AM eastern time which is 5 AM mountain time. I did a quick calculation in my head before sinking into deep sleep again. Unfortunately, we had a lot of places to cover and my mom is a morning person. We spent most of that first day at Mount Vernon and that night, I went back to the hotel super tired, I believe it attributed to the time difference.

The above picture was taken the next day when we visited the U.S. Capitol. There were barricades lined around the Capitol. My mom said they were building a stage for the new president’s inauguration.  It did not feel natural seeing all those barricades around the fountain and the structure and I hope I will get to visit it again. No barricades this time.

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