Tuesday Photo Challenge – Trip

Do you know the best part of going on a hiking trip?

Everything! Going to new places, seeing new things and new views, and facing new challenges. It’s an exciting adventure. This picture is from my recent hike two weeks ago. It’s a snapshot of the bedroom community of Davis County, Utah. A bedroom community is basically a community where people mostly live and sleep while they would travel elsewhere to work, in this case, 30 minutes away in Salt Lake City.

Do you know the worst part of going on a hiking trip?

I don’t know about you but I felt a little bummed when the hike was over. I felt like I want to hike some more, capture more landscape and macro photos of the mountains, wild flowers, and trees.

It’s why I will be going on another hiking trip tomorrow, even though my bruises from my previous hike haven’t faded yet.

It will be a little further north this time, by Snow Basin ski resort, Google map told me. The place is called Sardine Peak and my friend and fellow hiker told me the view is spectacular. I will be the judge of that.

Tuesday Photo Challenge

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