#AtoZChallenge 2018 Reflection

Well, what do you know? I made it! I survived the #AtoZChallenge for the third time. If you didn’t catch my theme reveal, I decided to do a Photo+Story sort of theme this year. It’s where I share one or more photos and a story that goes with that photo, like what I do for my Photo of the Day series.

My past themes had been quotes for 2016 and random topic for 2015. I did not participate in 2017 due to travel.

Overall, I thought it turned out quite well even though keeping up with challenge had been difficult some days especially near the end when I finally got a job. I was often exhausted by the time I got to writing the posts. I think some of the letters were a little rushed like V for Mount Vernon and W for Washington. The day after writing that post, I suddenly realized I could’ve done Vermillion River and W for Waterton National Park.

There were a few letters where I would feel a little regretful about choosing the specific word for the letter. But oh well…what’s done is done.

All in all, I am happy with my theme and how all the posts turned out. Writing each of the posts definitely brought back a lot of great memories from my road trip in 2017, from my stays in China, and definitely from past road trips as well.

Beside writing these posts, I also enjoyed reading everyone’s A-Z Posts and I thank everyone for reading and commenting on my posts.

Here lists all 26 posts along with the feature images for the 2018 A to Z Challenge:

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