Thought of the Day!

Can’t believe it’s Monday again! Here’s a thought to start this new work week (something I should accomplish in this life-time):

5 things to quit right now: trying to please everyone, fearing change, living in the past, putting yourself down, and overthinking

Source: Pinterest

9 thoughts on “Thought of the Day!

  1. Wow! A very interesting posting! 🙂
    3 and 5, especially, one feels, are very interrelated (though, in a way, all of them are interrelated). Overthinking is living in the past, since thought consists of sequential symbols emitted from the contents stored in the memory bank. Most people are almost constantly living in the past, which isn’t really living whatsoever.

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  2. I thought you were on the other side of the Date Line and it would be Tuesday there!
    In your post, I think #2, fearing change is fear of the future, and #3, living in the past, is regretting yesterday. I think the secret is living in the here and now.
    The Past is History, can’t do anything about it.
    The Future’s a Mystery, nobody knows what’s going to happen.
    All we have is right now. right now is a gift, that’s why it is called The Present.

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    • Nope, it’s still early Monday morning here. I’m in the intermountain west region of the U.S.

      I agree, fearing change is the fear of the future, living in the past is regretting yesterday. For me, living in the past is more like dwelling on past mistakes, some might had happened a long time but that’s pretty similar to what you have written there.


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