#WeekendCoffeeShare: Long and Chaotic Week

Good Monday morning. Thank you for joining me for #WeekendCoffeeShare on a Monday. Can you believe it? Another weekend has come and gone. My original plan was to catch up on my sleep but I did none of that, frustratingly enough. So what are you waiting for? Let’s have some drinks.

If we were having coffee, I would tell you I have an assortment of drink for you this morning as I’m at work already. I have been at work since 5:55 am.  I would tell you I wasn’t planning on going to work this morning but my mom guilted me into doing it. So here I am, up at 4:55 am and at work at 5:55. Ugh!

If we were having coffee, I would tell you last week was a long and chaotic week which was the reason why I wasn’t online over the weekend. For once, I think I would rather be at work than be home. Every afternoon, when I get home, there is always something happening and it’s always my mom’s stuff. She just couldn’t allow me a single moment of resting on the sofa. I was like, “Come on, I’ve been working all day, mom. Can you let me close my eyes and lie on the couch for just a few minutes?”

Nope, apparently not. Apparently, I have to spend the afternoons deciphering her mail while she blasts the speakers of her tablet and fill the house with politics. I mean, literally politics. She started listening to this show on YouTube where they talk politics. I never paid enough attention to understand what the show talked about. All I know is it’s loud, obnoxious, in Chinese, and it’s for Trump fans. Can you tell my mom is a fan? It’s super annoying especially when I’m trying to sleep or trying to watch TV. It’s one of the reasons I no longer watch TV. I can never hear the TV over the sound of politics. Ugh, I hate politics.

And the thing is, it never stops.

You want to know what the worst part of the week?

Saturday night, 8:30 pm, I was tired and ready for bed. All I wanted was to write this post. My mom came home from her weekend training whining because she had some bad food. I was upstairs brushing my teeth. “Come down and get me some medication!” She ordered. I ignored her as foam was oozing out of my mouth. She can wait. After all, I’m not her personal servant. “Quickly!” She said a few seconds later as I spat out a mouthful of toothpaste into the sink.

She stormed upstairs and demanded what I was doing. Before I could turn to her, she sped into her bathroom. Five minutes later, I sat before my laptop, ready to write when she called me again. What now?

She wanted me to complete a course for her.

Why? It’s her class, shouldn’t she complete her own course?

Eyes barely staying open, brain half-awake, I dragged myself upstairs. The moment I arrived in her room, she said, “Why is it so freakin’ hot in here? Why did you turn on the AC?”

Simple, it’s 85-degree and it’s not really that hot.

She then went on this huge rant about how I’m abusive and about the possibility of how I’m going to kill her one day. What a drama queen?! I tried to tune her out but it’s quite difficult when she’s yelling in your ears. “How am I supposed to sleep in this hot room tonight? Huh? Don’t you know I’m supposed to wake up early tomorrow?”

Oh yeah? I sat there thinking. What about all those times when I had to wake up early and my room was like 90-some-degrees? Did you think to turn on the AC? Nope, because everything is about you. It always is.

Anyway, for some reason, we ended up to had to begin the course all over again. Ugh! This time, she made me do the whole thing! Ridiculous, right? Still, I did it in half the time it took her and I didn’t even listen to the training video, just answered the questions. For once though, reading came in handy as I answered the questions using the knowledge I read in a memoir.

Two hours later, we I finally completed the course. All that time, my mom had been listening to her stupid political talk show again. Can you believe it? I just wanted to punch something right then and there.

On the flip side, I did manage to capture some new images of my flowers this past weekend.

If we were having coffee, I would thank you for joining me this week and hopefully, I will be back this weekend.

17 thoughts on “#WeekendCoffeeShare: Long and Chaotic Week

  1. Goodness, this post sounds like you should be drinking vodka, not coffee. I once lived with someone (for a short time thankfully) who only watched political shows and commented regularly. It made my brain crazy and did a number on my good vibes. Needless to say, I spent a lot of time in my room. I hope you’re able to make your way out of there soon and get your own place where you can relax and create your own vibe.

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    • Ha! I wish I was drinking something other than coffee too. Politics drives me nuts. It’s the reason why I never got along with my grandpa, he’s constantly talking about politics. It feels like my mom is turning into him and it frustrates me. I’ve been sentenced to the basement and I’ve been spending a lot of time down there. The unfortunate thing in all of this would be I can’t move out since this is my house. So I’m stuck with a mortgage and my mom.


  2. Sounds scary Yinglan. I think you need a lock for your door. A good one, than you can just lock it and pretend she’s not there. Even if she yells through the door you can ignore her and choose heh you would like to respond. Put on your music and drown her out. Maybe do this one you get home from work for an hour or two. Then, open it and deal with some of her issues. I’m sorry Home life is so stressful you have to go to work to avoid it. You might try to find a coffee shop after work where you can stop for an or two a few times a week. This might also help you. If she asks where you were “Work and meetings.” M thoughts. I hope it improves.

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    • I tried that once, I think two years ago. That was a very big fight, by the way, and it got worse when I locked myself in the bathroom because it was the only room in the home with a proper lock. It resulted in me almost moving out. I wrote a few posts about that. I was crying through the night. Trust me, I’ve tried everything. Nothing works with someone like my mom. I feel like the only solution would be to move out of my own house. I recently realized that in her mind, she thinks she’s the perfect mother because she didn’t spank me when I was a child. Like that makes a difference. I think she should evaluate her inflated ego.

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      • Yeah that’s hard. Sometimes grown up mothers and daughters can’t be together all the time. It’s better when they don’t. I know some girls/women who feel this way. If you’ve a controlling and needy parent, that makes it more difficult. I was thinking about you moving, or moving her to an over 50 apartment lol. You shouldn’t have to with the deed in your name and you paying most of the mortgage.

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      • Haha! She already said no elderly home. At the moment, I think I’m being the bigger person by trying to spend some time out of the house and give some space between us. Otherwise, I think I might go insane.

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      • Yeah, I agree you are doing the best you can. You can’t have a logical conversation w/ your mom it seems; when she’s old enough (late 80’s & 90’s the seniors Home isn’t always a choice so she knows — it’s a necessity). Hopefully, you can find places to relax as well as to have fun. I know for me I’d need a home base to relax and rejuvenate, so i hope you’ve a peaceful office at times, and a coffee place or two, maybe a park somewhere to nap, where you can do that. Along with all your hiking, church activities, and others. I know you keep busy, an it’s a great way to meet a nice guy too 😉 Maybe one who can keep you even busier lol.
        Have a great rest of the week 🙂

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  3. Because of the elevation, I don’t even have air-conditioning except in the master bedroom. But I’ve been running it in the evenings until I go to bed lately because it’s been unusually steamy-humid (okay… 40% is really humid here). Looks like it’s been running about 10 to 15 degrees warmer on your side of the Basin. Humidity?

    The downside of AC in the US is that we have forced-air through the whole house, so it’s either all or nothing. Japanese-style AC is one unit for one room. Too bad… but I’m picturing a couple of sleepless nights followed by some loud political “irritainment” and thinking that as a juror I’d probably consider whatever crime ensued as “justifiable”.

    At any rate, I wish you a good night’s sleep.

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    • I agree, 40% humidity is quite humid. The humidity is quite low in the summer which cause me to get sunburn easily. It’s sure been warm lately. It’s been almost 100-degrees almost everyday and the humidity level has been in the teens or lower. The previous owner of my house had a window unit because the air simply couldn’t reach the upstairs bedrooms. I cannot sleep in this heat and because of my mom’s reluctance to turn on the AC, I have to move to the basement each year but the basement tend to get very cold during the fall and winter, so I have to move back up.

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