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Ever since I got my new tripod, I have been spending every second of no-mom-free time I can snag testing it out because I must get into a certain zen-like mood when I take pictures. My mom tends to disrupt that zen with her negativity like a few nights ago when she accused me of being selfish because I left her shrimp defrosting on the kitchen counter for a tad too long. That aroused a shouting match even though she was the one doing most of the yelling.

Anyway, I discovered my tripod doesn’t do so well when it comes to macro (close-up) photos. The above photo of my Japanese Azalea was taken without a tripod. I had to trash the ones that were taken with a tripod since those were super blurry and unfocused. Maybe it’s me hurrying through the set-up process because my mom was coming home at any second. Maybe I just need to really take my time when shooting photos with a tripod.

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Technical Details

Sony NEX-5T v. 1.00 (f/5.6, 42 mm, ISO-250, 1/160 sec)

13 thoughts on “Photo of the Day!

  1. Mother-daughter relationships can be so very difficult. I don’t know why it is that way, but it was for me and my mother also. I hope that things will get better for you both.

    I think this is a beautiful photo. I have a hard time with tripods, too. Most everything that I want to photograph, hand-holding seems to be the way it needs to be done to get the shot. But, my hands are so shaky that I rarely get a good, clear picture by hand-holding the camera. There are some tripods that you can invert and I need to try that for photographing flowers that are close to the ground. Can your tripod be inverted?

    Setup time for some of these tripods is a big turnoff for me and one of the reasons that I balk at using one. Some of them are so very confusing!

    Have a blessed weekend. πŸ™‚

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  2. Often, when using a tripod you have to turn off the stablization mode. It seems that they sort of compete with each other. Either that, or just manually focus. For very close up — or macro scenes — you eye is often better than auto focus.

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  3. Beautiful detail. I have the same issue with the tripod and generally use a chair, table, rock, or the ground and manual focus. When capturing the red moon I steadied the camera on a fence post and then manually focused. This took many tries but success in the end. I think the camera is a good way to learn patience, breath work, and mindfulness. Sending love and peace to you and your Mom.

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    • Thank you. I too have tried a chair and table before but those only go so far up and they’re not very easy to lug around.
      That’s a clever way to capture the moon. I haven’t thought of that.
      I agree. I can feel my heart beat slowing and anxiety fading away every time I pick up my camera. It makes me feel like time doesn’t exist, at least not until I get my picture. πŸ™‚

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