Trust Issues?

Here is a conversation I had with my mom last week. I’m trying hard to let go of the conversation because it made me angry how little trust my mom has in me nowadays. So I’m writing it down.

Last week:

Mom: Your aunt’s friend is pregnant and she will be coming over here to have her baby.

Me (thinking): Oh, great. Another person to add to the seven people who are coming to stay at my humble abode. But why though? Didn’t they get rid of the one-child policy in China?

Mom (continues): You don’t know her. (She tells me the friend’s name)

Me: Sure I know her. We went  together on vacation last year in China.

Mom (surprised): Are you sure?

Me: I’m sure.


Five days later:

Mom: I verified with your aunt. You do know her friend.

Me (thinking while staring at my mom): Um, thanks? Oh, thanks for not trusting me, mom.


Moments later…

Mom: Do you remember when you went to Guangzhou all those years ago to get your travel visa to come to the U.S?

Me: A little.

Mom: Do you remember if you had to stay at a hotel overnight in Guangzhou.

Me: No, we never stayed at any hotel. It was a one-day trip.

Mom (arched brow): Are you sure?

Me: Yeah, I’m sure.

Mom (leaving a voice messge on WeChat): Hey, sister, when you took my daughter to Guangzhou, did you stay at a hotel?

Me (thinking): Really, mom? Really?

16 thoughts on “Trust Issues?

  1. Strange Yinglan forsure & frustrating for you. But also kind of funny to read. These are such tiny details, so I don’t know why she’d think you’d not tell,the truth about them? Nice you get to see your cousin & hopefully she’s having the baby in hospital, not your house or that will be right at your house lol. 🤞😉

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