Which Ways from Around the Park

As I mentioned in previous posts, I spent a few hours in the park on Sunday afternoon, experimenting and practicing long-exposure photography. While there, I got a few which ways photos. I hope you like them.

Happy Friday!

Which Way Photo Challenge

9 thoughts on “Which Ways from Around the Park

    1. Yeah but then on a sunny day, the sky is pretty close to this shade. It’s been extra cold and snowy this year, I don’t know how much has fallen so far but there’s another 1 to 3 inches coming between tonight and tomorrow.

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      1. We got about 18-inches today (at 6,300ft). Winding down right now… I’m heading out to do the last shoveling for the day. Very wet snow yesterday, a little less so today. But it’s supposed to go right on through the weekend.

        As for the sky, I find that a polarizer sometimes helps to get the saturated blue of the local sky without having to process with such a high contrast. Getting the dark end of the contrast just right in post-processing is a little tricky without turning dark areas into silhouettes. Since most of my photos are outdoors, I just leave the polarizer on the camera as a lens-protector.

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      2. Wow, 18 inches, that’s quite a bit of snow. I agree, sometimes, it’s a little tricky to do post-processing when the sky is over-darkened by the polarizer. In that case, I usually have to go for the selective edit or just use the brush to adjust the sky color.

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