Photo of the Day!

It’s been one crazy week and it’s all caused by Mother Nature. We had one snow storm after another, even on days when the weatherman said we wouldn’t get any snow, we would get a few inches. I got this shot last Saturday, after a night of heavy snowing. There was some beautiful skies that morning and I got this shot before the dark clouds crept in again, delivering some more of that white powder.

I think we have one more storm next week before the temperature will hopefully (crossing my fingers) warm up.

Ugh! I’m so ready for summer.

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Technical Details

Sony Nex-5T (f/11, 20 mm, ISO-100, 1/100 sec)

3 thoughts on “Photo of the Day!

  1. Ha! You mean there was still something left after it passed through here?! 😉

    Just finished taking advantage of the sun to move some piles. I’m hoping it will stay around long enough to melt the ice-dam off the eves… been in the single-digits (F) at night lately. Everyone’s out of ice-melt, so I’ve had to resort to throwing water-softener salt onto the roof. And… it’s supposed to start snowing again on Saturday night.
    (o_O) !

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    1. I think it was probably the lake effect. I’m surprised at the amount of snow and temperature this year. Usually it starts getting warm in February but yet, it’s still below freezing.
      That’s not a good thing to hear, “out of ice-melt”. I hope that never happens here because then, I’ll know we’ve entered the Ice Ages. 😀
      Ugh, snow again? I have a feeling that snow storm will be passing through here on Sunday or Monday. I hope it’ll start warming up soon, especially in your area, sounds like it’s needed there.

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