Blogging Insights # 59 — Blogging Personas

Since coming back from blogging after a long hiatus, I’ve discovered quite a few new blogging challenges. My initial plan when I first decided to come back to the land of blogging was to write mostly original materials and not rely on participating in challenges but can I help it? These are fun, interesting, and helps me to not only get to know my fellow bloggers but helps me discover bloggers with similar interests.

Here’s one I found interesting. It’s a question posed by Tanya at Salted Caramel:

Is your blogging personality the same as your real life personality? If not , how is blogging you different from real you , and why?

Yep, that’s me

I would say my blogging personality is an extension of my real life personality though I wouldn’t say it’s different. My blogging personality is the parts of me I don’t dare show in real life. It’s the extrovert to my introvert-self in real life.

When I started this blog back in 2013, I posted essays about random things but I’ve come to find out essays are long and boring and many don’t have the time or attention span to loiter around and read some 700-word essay about bagels. So I started recording my thoughts.

You want to a major difference between who I am on my blog and who I am in real life? I am much more opened on my blog than real life. Believe it or not, I am a reserved, quiet introvert in real life who is often afraid to speak up to point out flaws or ideas and often times just want to be invisible and not to attract attention but that’s because I have a judgmental mother and family in real life. They don’t read my blog though. Whew!

7 thoughts on “Blogging Insights # 59 — Blogging Personas

  1. How you blog may change as you grow and change, too. That’s happened to me (and is happening again). I think writing is a great outlet for introverts like you and me. And if you want to write 700 words about bagels, you should — write what makes you happy. Readers who like the same or who can relate will find you.

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    1. Absolutely, write about anything that’s on the mind and an occasion 700 words essay doesn’t hurt but not everyday because that’d be hurting me – I don’t think I can keep that up. 😀

      Blogs change all the time. Some people changes their entire blog, name included, and start over. I know I’ve been there at least 3 times with this blog. People grow and so does blogs. Thank you for reading.

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