Blogging Insights # 63 — Reading Prompt Posts

This week’s Blogging Insights – hosted by Tanya at Salted Caramel – asks:

Do you like reading posts written for prompts? If so, what kind ?

When you publish a piece in answer to a prompt, do you read entries by other bloggers? If so, do you read them before or after you have written your own?

Photo by Andrew Neel on Unsplash

I quite enjoy reading posts written for prompt especially the ones involving questions. Some of my favorites include Fibbing Friday and Share Your World. Some of the questions asked are quite insightful which allows readers to get to know the writer better while some of the answers just down right cracks me up.

Yes, I do read entries by other bloggers. I would try to get to as many as I can before I write my own. I’m not trying to copy anyone’s responses whatsoever. Sometimes, reading others’ responses can lend some inspiration for my own responses.

I did this back in school too since English isn’t my first language. Sometimes, I am afraid I might had misunderstood the question and my answer would end up ridiculous. I often have this fear when I’m writing my work emails because there were a few times when the response to my email came back with a response that read as though my response was not understood. That’s often embarrassing.

Another reason for reading others’ responses before I write my own is because I am a perfectionist and often must have standards of my own. So seeing others’ responses to the prompt can help me establish my own standard.

I still read others’ responses after I’ve written my own as there are always late-comers and as my elementary and middle school teachers would say, “read all before judging your own response.”

2 thoughts on “Blogging Insights # 63 — Reading Prompt Posts

  1. Very interesting answers and insightful too! Many people are afraid of messing up if they’re speaking in a language that isn’t their first. I worked with many Hispanics before I retired, and they said the same thing – they were hesitant to talk to someone in English for fear of ridicule or saying something silly and having people laugh at them. I always told them that anyone who laughed at their efforts was probably jealous that they knew more than one language!

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    1. But then, if one doesn’t immerse him or herself by speaking the language, how’s he or she ever supposed to fit into the realm of society? I’ve had many people ask me, “What’s the best way to learn to speak English?” I’d be like, “Speak English!” Speak English like you’re dancing as if no one’s watching.


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