Blogging Insights # 63 — More About Prompts

Continuing from last week’s question, this week’s Blogging Insights – hosted by Tanya at Salted Caramel – asks:

Before you have written a prompt post, if you read someone else’s response that has the same idea as yours, do you abandon the project, modify it, or continue as before?

We are all fans of Q&A prompts. How do they spark creativity in you?

If I ever discover someone has the same idea as me, I don’t abandon the blog post because although the general idea might be the same, there are typically details in my post that will differ from the other person’s. If the details for the other person’s blog post is similar to mine, then, I guess, that’s a conversation starter.

I was taught from the start that one way to make any post or essays interesting is to begin with a question. So naturally, a Q&A post will make things even more interesting.

I like Q&A prompts because they allow me to think pass anything that happened recently. Sometimes, the questions makes me think back to my childhood and to the times I haven’t thought of for a while which will then spark some unique stories.

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