Blogging Insights # 64 — Talking to Aliens

Continuing from last week’s question, this week’s Blogging Insights – hosted by Tanya at Salted Caramel – asks:

How would you describe blogging to someone who has never heard of it before?

How would YOU describe blogging to someone who has no knowledge of it? I would love to know.

Blogging is something that’s hard to describe because it’s complex. There is not a fixed definition to what blogging is. It’s an action, a verb, sure but in each person’s eyes, blogging is defined as something different. If you ask one person, they may tell blogging is this but if you ask another person, they will tell you blogging is something different. For me, blogging is a way to unleash your creativity. If your imagination is an untamed as mine, blogging is for you.

Blogging is a way to share ideas. You can write whatever you want. You can write flash fictions or short stories. You can write about your life and why this last years has sucked. You can share your best photographs. You can even express your opinion on certain subjects if you don’t mind the comments and sometimes criticisms from readers. After all, you did just published something on the world wide web.

Blogging is a way to make friends, to meet people or blog-pals who shares similar interests as you or went through something similar to what you’ve experienced. I think I’ve made more friends here than in real life where I’m not social at all. There is no freaking way anyone can drag me to any kind of social gathering in real life.

Lastly, blogging is about having a place in the cloud, your cloud, where you can be your genuine self or you can re-invent yourself into someone totally different and no one will care. It is a place where you get to control your creative flow. It is a place to own your voice. It is a place you can be a weirdo and be accepted.

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