Blogging Insights Rebooted — Hiatus

After a 6 weeks hiatus, Blogging insights – hosted by Tanya at Salted Caramel – is back and she asks:

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Have you ever taken a hiatus from blogging?

I have taken multiple hiatus from blogging – once in 2013, 2019, and 2020. None of my hiatuses were planned. I can’t remember why I stopped blogging in 2013. I think I might had ran out of blogging material back then and blogging challenges were few and wide back then.

My 2019 hiatus was simply because I was too busy with work that I basically stopped caring about anything else. There were so many things I stopped caring during that period and one of the things I regret stopped caring was my health and I paid for that with the numerous doctor visits in 2020.

I am blaming my 2020 hiatus on Covid anxiety. I was a nervous wreck during that time due to the uncertainty looming over my head and I’m sure I wasn’t the only one. Part of me was thinking, is this how the world will end? I became even more afraid after watching the movie Contagion. Will people start toting guns on the street? Will there be riot all around the globe? Am I even safe in my own house?

Do you think that it is necessary to announce/declare the hiatus?

If the hiatus is planned, then yes, I think it would be a nice gesture to announce so readers won’t think you’ve abandoned your blog because some readers (like me) will think that and will unfollow a blog.

Did your blog “suffer” from the hiatus?

Of course but I did not care. That’s the thing about hiatuses, it’s not caring about how many views the blog gets. It’s about shutting down and separating myself from my blog.

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