#AtoZChallenge 2021 – I am Zealous

I have been called a lot of things – mean, impatient, stubborn – but zealous isn’t one of them and upon reflecting, I have come to feel I can be zealous sometimes but a lot of the times, that zealousness got masked for impatience.

Maybe I’m zealous because I want get things done.

Maybe I don’t want to wait around.

Maybe I just want to see result immediately.

In this last month, as the weather begins to warm up, I found myself fervently buying garden supplies – grow lights, smart pots, potting soils, and lots of plants. I found myself periodically (sometimes more than I want to) to walk downstairs to check on my tomato plants and strawberries seedlings to make sure they are alive.

I also began watching video after video about container garden planting and visit every link on plant maintenance to make sure I’m doing thing correctly and not over doing it.

So yes, I am a zealous person, at least according to the dictionary. When I find a new thing I’m interested in, I pursue it red hot like it has legs and will run away soon.

As this is the closing post for this year’s A-Z blogging challenge, I thought it was a fitting post considering I’m looking forward to see April end and May begin. Bring on the warmer weather. I’m tired of the gray and cloudy skies and I am positive my plants are too. I have a feeling they’re more eager to go out more than me.

I am glad I chose this theme. I learned quite a bit about myself as well as shared quite a few stories I have not shared since starting this blog 8 years ago.

Yes, I am impatient…and stubborn and have unbelievably many doubts and I might be a little bit of a hoarder but I learn that these imperfections are what makes me who I am and that’s the whole idea behind this theme: Of all the things I am.

I thank you all for reading and following along this journey. A reflection post will be coming shortly. Please stay tune.

Theme: Of all the things I am

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