Share Your World – Week of May 10, 2021

What do you believe but cannot prove?

I am a believer of many things that cannot be proven other than through TV shows and movies. I am going to just randomly pick one here. I am a believer of the supernatural. I’ve watched a couple documentaries on the existence of supernatural beings and it’s a wonder to watch doctors and scientists debunked these mysteries as illnesses.

Still, I believe in the existence of supernatural beings with extraordinary abilities. I don’t believe they are caused by illnesses and yet, I nor any scientists and doctors can prove the supernatural world exists.

Do animals have morals?   Exclude human beings from the equation please. 

It depends on the situation.

Like a dog wouldn’t kill his friend even if it’s a cat because friends don’t kill friends. On the other hand, if say a starving bison sees his friend, the deer, I don’t think he’s going to second-guess whether or not to eat his friend and deal with the consequences after.

Is there inherent order in nature or is it all chaos and chance?

I think this world was created with order and calamity. There’s no this or the other. Can’t explain it, I guess you just have to read the book of Genesis to see how the world was created.

Where is your least favorite place in the world?

Of all the places I’ve been to, my least favorite place in the world, besides a public restroom, is the Mud Volcano in Yellowstone. It has just about the foulest odor in all of Yellowstone. I don’t even know why my mom stops there every time we visit the park. The last two times I’ve been there, I skipped this viewpoint.

If you stand there long enough, the rotten egg smell will be the only thing you’d smell for the rest of the day.

Feel free to share something about the seasons that makes you smile!

Despite the sudden change of weather, what makes me smile about spring is all the germinations of plants and flowers. After 3 weeks, my sweet peppers have at last germinated. It turned out all it needed was a little heat. After placing a seedling heat mat underneath my plants for 3 days, I was so happy to wake up Monday morning to see those tiny stems poking out of the soil. It’s like watching a baby chick hatch.

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8 thoughts on “Share Your World – Week of May 10, 2021

  1. Thanks, Yinglan for Sharing Your World! This year here has been rather strange with the weather. It’s warm and then *snap* it’s cool to cold again. Not a lot of warm sunny days (yet). I’m glad your peppers are coming along too! Have a great week!

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    1. It looks like the temperature might finally level out this week and the next. Crossing my fingers because I am going to take the lettuces and cucumbers outside this week, get them set up in bigger pots and hopefully, crossing my fingers that they don’t die while I’m on my 4-day trip next week.


  2. I took some pumpkin seeds from a slice of pumpkin and germinated them in the fridge l grew my own pumpkins so l tried it with Apple seeds l grew plants but sadly the puppy ate those. Also grew tomatoes from their inner seeds. I’m currently trying to germinate an acorn and l have an avocado growing in water it’s a pretty plant

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    1. I tried growing pumpkins from seeds a few years ago, it wouldn’t germinate, maybe because of the cold temperature. I would think growing apple takes a long time, especially if from seed. Good luck germinating acorn and growing avocados. 🙂

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