Truthful Tuesday on a Wednesday

This is my first time participating in Truthful Tuesday, hosted by Thoughts and Theories. I find this question quite interesting:

Doctor and dental offices are notorious for not getting to you at your scheduled appointment time. In such situations, how patient are you when it comes to waiting?

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I used to only have to visit one doctor, two max, for my thyroid problems. That doctor was good at keeping his appointments at the scheduled appointment time. I rarely had to wait very long.

Then came my lupus and now, I have to see a specialist for each of my pesky lupus problems, adding that to my existing doctors, I have a total of 5 different doctors I must follow up every month and man, do they keep me waiting.

The worst of them is my family doctor. I remember the first time I visited her, she made me wait for over an hour. I remember sitting in that room, staring at my tablet, trying to read but afraid the doctor would waltz in at any moment. I thought about writing a blog post right then and there, emptying my mind before the doctor came in. Nah, I remember thinking. I was too nervous and when I’m nervous, my thoughts don’t come out right.

So I’d say I’m plenty patient when it comes to waiting at the doctor’s office because if I wasn’t, I would’ve bolted right then and there.

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