Blogging Insights – New Format #4

I haven’t done a Blogging Insights in a while and definitely haven’t done one under this new format:

I don’t know about the first two but I definitely agree with the last part – Blogging is like a full-fledged conversation. That is very true and it’s whole reason I blog.

Before you ask, yes, I have a Twitter and I have a Facebook account. I believe I started my Twitter account about 5 years ago to try to get more visitors to this blog. I never truly learned to tweet. To this day, my twitter account is just full of links to my blog posts.

I opened my Facebook account in 2009 when I got an invitation from a former friend. I didn’t like Facebook at first – too complicated to use – but then again, I didn’t have many friends. My Facebook account had less than 100 friends until 2018 when I joined a church.

I don’t know how Facebook is like a phone call though because all I do is post pictures of my hikes, travels, and garden updates on there. You can share that over a phone call.

Last but no least, I was recently notified I have been with WordPress for 11 years but actually, I only have been blogging for 9 years. Over the course of those 9 years, I have written lots of stories, rants, and thoughts and had been able to meet lots of bloggers from all walks of life as well as start some interesting conversations with them. So yeah, blogging is definitely a full-fledged conversation, at least in my perspective.

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