Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #162: It’s All About the Light

This week, on Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #162, Tina assigns the excellent topic of “It’s All about the Light“.

I think light, especially in photography, is an interesting thing to tinker with because it’s different at every angle. The light may look like this from one angle but it’ll be different if you move a few inches to the left or right.

Antelope Canyon, Page, AZ

This topic reminds me of my trip to Antelope Canyon in 2019. I was lucky to had been able to join a photography tour because only those can bring a tripod into the canyon. The type of tour would be no longer available shortly after my visit.

“It’s very difficult to capture the canyon without a tripod.” The guide explained. It is because of the lack of light, he continued to explain despite our human eyes see plenty of light in this space, the camera somehow doesn’t, it treats the canyon as a low-light photography situation.

I’m not a fan of photographing anything in low light because in order to achieve a sharp image, you must have either:

  • Super-steady hands, which I know I don’t
  • Use a lens with an incredibly shallow depth of field
  • Or, increase the ISO and deal with the grainy images later

I feel light is sometimes the hardest thing to capture in photos because you have to be in the right place at the right moment. A few seconds before and after can make a big difference.

When I was doing my research about Antelope Canyon, I saw just about everyone who’s been to the canyon tell about the beam of light that streams into the canyon everyday around mid-morning. I visited mid-afternoon. Some say I will still be able to see it though not as clearly as mid-morning.

I didn’t see it.

Maybe it’s the weather that day as if was raining when we arrived at the meet up site for the tour. Oh well, next time.

23 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #162: It’s All About the Light

  1. Yinglan, I cannot imagine you are not happy with the light in the canyon. Your images are fantastic! The day we tried to hike it there was a terrible rainstorm on the other side and we weren’t allowed in which was a BIG disappointment. Glad you were able to experience it.

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    1. I am actually very happy with how the image turned out. These were some of the most amazing images I took with the camera with a moldy sensor.
      Oh no, I hope you get to go again. The weather is quite unpredictable there. It’s like despite only being a short distance from Page, AZ, the weather is totally different.


  2. This was the PERFECT venue for this prompt. I love Antelope Canyon. And it certainly teaches you about light, doesn’t it? I love your images. Such a majestic place to be, let alone come away with great photos. Donna

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    1. I think the newer cameras does better in low light than the older models. I was using a Sony Nex-5T to take these pictures. Not a bad mirrorless, just wish it didn’t have a moldy sensor.

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