Truthful Tuesday 08-31-2021

I’m on time this week, for once. This week on Truthful Tuesday, hosted by Thoughts and Theories, asks:

Does it ever surprise you that people pay attention to your blog?

I checked my visit counter this morning and I’m at almost 300,000 views. That number is both surprising and astounding. I never thought I’d reach such number. So am I surprised people pay attention to my blog?

Yeah, absolutely.

One of the reasons I started this blog was because I needed someone to talk to on my own terms. You’d be surprised how many times I tried to start a conversation in real life and within 30 seconds of the conversation, the topic of conversation became about the other person. So blogging was about me throwing a topic out there and making sure I get to say all I need to say about a topic.

The thing that surprises me the most is when I started blogging, I wasn’t expecting regular readership. I wasn’t expecting there’d be a group of people who are consistently reading and commenting on my posts. I must have very low expectations or low self-esteem or low confidence or whatever because I was expecting to get one reader or follower, not over 5,000.

So yeah, you can say I am surprised all the time to have people pay attention to something I created.

3 thoughts on “Truthful Tuesday 08-31-2021

  1. Well you express yourself so well. I think the phenomenon you are experiencing in real life is a more common than not theme these days. People have become so much more self-centered and ‘it’s about ME ME ME” that having a normal conversation with give and take and exchange of views and ideas is practically extinct. Good for you for your success!

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    1. I think I express better in words than verbally and it seems like the first words that come out every time feels awkward. I sometimes think I overthink things and by the time I can come up with what I want to say, conversation has already moved on. Maybe that’s my problem – overthinking things.


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