Monday Thoughts

Today is going to feel so weird. First, I had a meeting at 7 AM, that’s early for anyone. I mean, if it’s still dark outside, then it’s either too early or too late. Unfortunately, the host of the meeting is super busy and that’s the time he has for the meeting.

I was over at my mom’s house (the one she refused to move into) last night. You wouldn’t believe how dense the canopy was. She hadn’t pruned the grape vines all summer. Like I’ve mention in this post, she said, “let it sprawl.”

Well, it sprawled, all right, and she’s wondering why the grapes are so beady small. It’s a miracle this tree produced at all. With a pair of pruning shears, I quickly gave it a haircut and voila, the above photo. So much better.

I decided to pour some nutrients into the soil and it’s then I discovered just how slow the draining of the soil was. The water didn’t move for 5 minutes. It just pooled around the trunk of the tree. Like I said, it’s a miracle this tree produced at all. I tried to dig to loosen the surrounding soil but all I got was hard clay, the stuff I used to work with in pottery class back in middle school.

This wasn’t working. I needed to amend the soil. I didn’t want to care but somehow, I felt I should.

10 minutes later, I returned, carrying vermiculite, perlite, and bone meal, hoping those three things will help the soil drain easier so water and nutrients can get to the roots quicker. I hope it worked as these things take time. Right now, I can only cross my fingers to hope I’ve done something good for the tree.

Anyway, back to Monday. I have more meetings lined up later today. On the plus side, I’m going to a baseball game tonight with my co-workers. It’s minor league, not major league, but who cares, still more exciting than watching the game on TV. It’ll be my first baseball game since 2004. The seat is awesome too – right behind the home plate. I don’t know about you but that’s pretty close and I’ll probably not need a binocular to watch the action.

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