Share Your World – Week of September 27, 2021

Image Credit: Paula Light

1. What’s your favorite way to exercise?  (if you do or don’t.  Exercising one’s mind is a valid answer IMHO, because that’s my favorite).

I once played Wii Fit at one of my mom’s friend’s house. It was fun and I broke a sweat playing it. I wanted to get one for a long time but I couldn’t find one other than one that’s been refurbished (I don’t really trust refurbished products especially when it comes to electronics unless I’m told why it’s refurbished). That remains my favorite way to exercise – playing games (real or virtual) – as long as it’s fun and gets me moving, I’m in.

2. What’s more important to you – family or friends?

Well, considering all my friends are virtual and I don’t really have any in real life other than co-workers, I would have to stick with the only other choice. I guess family is more important.

3.  (a segue of sorts from last week’s SYW)..Have you ever voted for someone (in whatever venue – politics, contests, school elections) based solely on how they looked?

Photo by Josh Carter on Unsplash

Haven’t we all?

I must say though, I don’t recall doing this sort of thing in the U.S ever but I may have done it once when I was in elementary school in China.

I think it was to pick a new class leader or something. Two of the prettiest girls from my grade were running for this role. They were best friends but from what I remember, one of the girls was almost second best, some may even call her a “sidekick”. I wanted to pick her as the class leader but the other girl somehow felt more capable. I thought it was her look at the time – pretty girls are smarter kind of thing – but it turned out she didn’t need my vote. The pretty girl won by a landslide.

4.  (silly one)  How could carousels be spiced up so they are more exciting?

I haven’t rode on a carousel in at least 2 decades and I actually got on one last Friday at the zoo. I thought I’d get vertigo riding it because I was already feeling a bit off balance standing on the floor of the carousel. The ride turned out to be fun and brought me back to the golden days (when I had two parents).

I feel like this is one of the reasons carousels exist – to let adults experience childhood even if just a few minutes – and nothing can make that any more exciting.

Share Your World Challenge

2 thoughts on “Share Your World – Week of September 27, 2021

  1. Thank you Yinglan for Sharing Your World! What a lovely sweet memory you have associated with the carousel! 🙂 Most of the folks who have responded to SYW this week have said the same as it not needing any embellishments to be great. Maybe somethings are just best as they are! I’m a bit like you in having more virtual friends than IRL ones, but the one I do have I would choose over family any day of the week. Because she is my family…my chosen family. Not all family are blood relations. I hope more people get to know you soon, they’ll like you I’m sure! Have a wonderful week!

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    1. I find people in real life are more superficial than online. I’ve met a few people when I was in college but they all want to change me – get me to wear makeup or a dress (make me into a girly girl when I have no desire to be one). Either that or they would only be my friend when they need something. Either of those reasons are horrible reasons to be someone’s friend. Hope you have a wonderful week as well. 🙂


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