Blogging Insights – New Format #11

On this week’s Blogging Insights – New Format #11, the following quote is given:

I write for myself but you know what’s funny? I write my best work when I’m miserable and the worst when I’m happy. Do you ever feel this way about your writing?

I truly started writing on this platform near the end of 2013 when I just started working at private school, tutoring high school teenagers in English, earning a measly $9.50 an hour when typical tutoring paid around $25 an hour.

I was 22 at the time with almost one undergrad degree under my belt. Some of my students were just a year or two younger than me. Their parents had held them back a grade or two, you see. I was miserable at the time. No one listened to me. The kids acted like spoiled brats (in a way, they were beyond spoiled) and didn’t care about learning.

That’s when I started writing on this blog so I could get my misery, anger, and sadness out of my system. As the years went on, I wrote more and more. I believe some of my best work came out during dark times. For example, I wrote the story Why? at the beginning of 2016 when I was working two jobs while working on my second degree full-time all the while being threatened that if I don’t work the hours mom prescribed (12-15 hours a day), I would be evicted from her house, out on the street with no car and anything I didn’t paid for. I remember feeling anxious and sad just about every day. I still feel this way despite now that I have my own house.

That story was part dream and part real-time emotion and though it’s fiction, some of the parts were how I wished my life would be like.

So yes, I write for no one but myself. I write because I need an outlet to convey the emotions and reactions I’m unable to convey in real life. I write to jot down my thoughts and I write for the sake of releasing my wild imagination.

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