Semi-Official Truthful Tuesday 12-28-2021 on a Wednesday

While host Frank is on sabbatical, hostess Melanie from Sparks from a Combustible Mind is taking the rein and she asks:

Truthfully, how much faith do you have in the new versions of Covid that keep appearing?   

I find it’s very annoying because why can’t people just be more careful. I’d bet anything the new variants are a result of people’s carelessness. Either that or some secret underground operation has been kidnapping people and injecting them with the new variant. Then unknowingly, these victims spread the virus around but then, this theory might just be my over-active imagination and reading too many books.

Do you think they’ll eventually become something we accept just like we do influenza? 

Oh boy, I really do hope so although I have been reading from somewhere that as contagious as Omicron is, the symptoms aren’t as bad as Delta. Who knows?

Or do you think there’s possible a real cure ‘out there’?   Alternatively if you think Covid is a lot of tosh, feel free to share your opinion and reasons why (let’s all be respectful).   

I am way pass of believing there’s a “real cure” of anything because otherwise, the doctors would’ve provided that for my long list of so-call “diseases” long ago instead of just treating the symptoms and making me do blood tests and follow-up visits every few months.

I now have 5 different doctors who I have to see every 6 months and having to live with a long list of symptoms with no cure to treat the main culprit, I have little hope for any cure in this world. So no, I don’t believe there’s a possible cure out there. I think eventually, we will just treat it like the flu, get vaccinated against it each year and hope for the best.

4 thoughts on “Semi-Official Truthful Tuesday 12-28-2021 on a Wednesday

  1. I think you’re quite right Yinglan, there isn’t a ‘cure’ out there, Covid is merely the flu in a nastier form, which is quicker to mutate. I have a neighbor who visited Washington D.C. over the holidays and she said back East (East coast), the people there automatically mask up in public, observe distance and take care to be responsible. I guess it’s only the further West one goes, the less considerate the folks are. I know where I live almost nobody masks and I get a lot of weird looks for doing so. It doesn’t bother me, because I’m not going to be fighting off Covid or any of the strains because I try my darnedest to stay safe. It’s very discouraging to have chronic illness and no medical professional who can figure out the root cause and treat it. My sympathies. I’m right there with ya on that one!

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  2. So far I haven’t figured out how my not being vaxxed can hurt my fellow man who is vaxxed! So if it doesn’t keep me/you safe why take a chance on an experiment. All vaccinations I take keep me from spreading or catching the disease. This “science” just isn’t scientific! But the fear is rolling in the dough to some and causing others to be without work.

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    1. I agree with your thought process and to be honest, I got vaccinated because I wanted life to get back to normal and I think it’s all it really is, an opportunity to return to normalcy but obviously, some people don’t want that.


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