Welcome 2022

Well, the time has at last arrive, 2021 is in the past and 2022 is the present.

These last few days have been the craziest. I found out my next oral surgery is in 4 weeks, my next doctor’s appointment is on Monday, my grandmother’s passing, and I’m not sure if I’m ready to return to work Monday after accidentally opening my work email the other night to find over 10 emails waiting for me.

I also had an ear blockage due to excessive wax buildup which for 3 days, I only had about 50% hearing in my right ear. It was very annoying. I resolved it by putting some earwax treatment in my ear and then use my wi-fi endoscopic ear picker to remove the wax. It was disgusting and shocking (to me) as I clean my ears almost daily. I was so happy I got my hearing back.

I was contacted by my aunt (dad’s sister) on the 29th about my grandmother’s passing in China. I think my brain is still processing though it did feel weird because I think I had a dream the night before about someone reaching out to me and I had the feeling I should call my grandmother.

I think I’m still struggling but life goes on, no matter what, it doesn’t matter who passes and who lives, though it is nice to know my grandmother is once again reunited with my grandfather and her two sons (my dad and uncle).

Anyway, I should return to watching the Rose parade on TV. Happy New Year!

16 thoughts on “Welcome 2022

  1. I’m sorry about your grandmother’s passing. Aren’t dreams interesting? My daughter had a baby last week. I haven’t met her yet because they’re keeping her isolated due to covid. She sent a picture by text but baby had no name yet. That was in Monday morning. I’m Tuesday night I had a dream that the baby was named Spirit. In Wednesday afternoon, my daughter texted that they had banned the baby Alma Luz which means Spirit Light! Pretty uncanny dream!

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  2. I’m sorry to hear of your grandmother’s passing. That just makes a hard year for you even harder. I hope 2022 develops into a good year after you are through with all of your medical issues.

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    1. I lost a few relatives in 2021 but losing my grandmother was the tip of the iceberg but thankfully, none of them died of covid. 2022 is so far awful as I am trying to get through an ear infection and probably a gum infection as well. I really hope it will be better.

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