#Bloganuary Prompt Day 10 – I am grateful for…

Day 10

What are 5 things you’re grateful for today?

#1. My right ear is no longer clogged. It’s been clogged since Christmas. I knew I had an earwax problem and tried to get it out with the drops. At last, on New Year’s Eve, I managed to unclog my ears only to have it blocked again the next day. So much for starting the year on the right foot.

By Wednesday, last week, I couldn’t take it anymore, I got an appointment to see an Ear, Nose, and Throat clinic and the doctor helped me unblock my ear. It was unsettling for a day or so as I could hear things so clear in my right ear but I’m okay now and so grateful for that.

#2. I’m grateful I got to go for a walk yesterday. It was such a beautiful day out and it’s been a long while since I’ve taken a walk in the park.

#3. I’m grateful to have a relaxing weekend at home crocheting. It helps me practice mindfulness and it relaxes me. I made great progress in the border of my new blanket and one step closer to finishing it. I quite enjoy these challenging patterns. My favorite parts so far are the trees and the snowflakes. It makes the blanket feel cozy.

#4. I’m thankful to have discovered my mom has medication in the house to treat her shingles and she didn’t know it. She still complains but at least, from what I can tell, her rash is getting better after she started taking the medication.

#5. I went out to check my outdoor garden yesterday and I am happy and thankful to see new growth peeking out of the mulch. It makes me feel hopeful that I didn’t kill my plants due to negligence.

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