Share Your World – Week of January 24, 2022

12-17-2021  Cyranny  “What’s the worst day of the week for you?”  Why?

Monday is the worst day of the week because it’s the first day back to work after the weekend and there are always meetings, people emailing in needing things right this minute, and a crap ton to do.

1-3-2022   Mrs. A (Jazzocracy)   Mrs A proposes a question for a future SYW. “Would you ever consider posing naked or semi-naked for the camera or a live audience (acting in a play)?”

No way, not in a million year. I don’t even like looking at myself naked, why would I pose in front of an audience?

1-10-2022  Di    With the recent energy crisis here in the UK, would you prefer electric, gas, oil or some other means of heating your home?

I recently heard there’s a natural gas shortage in the U.S. too. I haven’t received my gas bill for the month yet but my mom told me my uncle’s bill is like twice as expensive and her friend in California is almost 5 times. So this is a tough question because I’ve had electric heating before and it was crazy expensive – more expensive than with natural gas shortage. So I think I would still prefer natural gas.

1-10-2022  Marilyn  When this pops up later tonight, I MIGHT have thought of a few questions. Like: In your household, who takes care of the bills, taxes, and other financial stuff? Is one person responsible or is it a shared chore? And this has made me notice that my phone is missing. Oops.

I take care of all the bills, taxes, and other financial stuff all by myself. I got a test run when I was 16 when mom went off to basic training for over 6 months. Taking care of all the household bills didn’t fall to me until I bought my current home in 2017. I wish it’s a shared chore but it’s not like mom will pay for anything. Thankfully, I have an app on my phone to help me keep track and just about everything is on automatic payment, so I don’t have to worry about late payments.

1-10-2022  Yinglan  Not sure if this question was asked before. It’s a bit of a silly one: If you can have any one job (real or fiction) in the galaxy (yes, the galaxy, I’m widening the search radius, imagining relocation to other planets possible), what is that job?

When I posed this question, I assumed galactic and space travel is possible like with my own spaceship. With that in mind, I would love to be one of those people who gets sponsorship to travel and explore other parts of the universe.

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2 thoughts on “Share Your World – Week of January 24, 2022

  1. Thank you Yinglan for Sharing Your World! I thought your question was great, and there’s been a great response to it too! 🙂 Shall we now call you “Ms. Captain Kirk?” 😉 That would be a great job, if one liked space travel. It’s a sad fact that we live in a time when our natural resources are being depleted badly, and nobody has come up with affordable solutions that don’t further damage the earth. Natural gas will have to do for now I suppose. There aren’t many who would consider posing nude, so you’re in good company! I have done my own finances since I moved out on my own at 19. I’m not good at it, so I love to read about others who have found good solutions for making sure things are paid in a timely manner! These days there’s a lot more month at the end of the money though. I hope you have the rest of a great week!

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