Truthful Tuesday 01-25-2022

This week, on Truthful Tuesday, Frank from Thoughts and Theories asks:

How closely has COVID-19 impacted you? Do you have first-hand experience, or has anyone in your family or immediate sphere of people you meet or see in person been diagnosed, or is it still something that hasn’t breached that third degree of separation for you?

I found out last week my mom’s family has its first case of COVID. After almost 2 years since the pandemic began, COVID has at last breached my mom’s family.

Thankfully, it doesn’t affect me as we live in different houses. My cousin got it when he went to Los Angeles for a food festival during 2 weekends ago. His parents were supposed to be quarantining with him as they were exposed too but last I heard, they still went to work and school, leaving their son to battle his fever at home. It’s like they are throwing common sense out the door.

“It’s not right,” I told my mom. “They could be exposed.”

“Who cares!” My mom replied with irritation. “What they do is their business.”

Well no, I wanted to say because my aunt works in a food packaging facility and if she’s exposed and it asymptomatic, she could spread.

Anyway, until my cousin gets better, I’m barring my uncle and aunt from entering my home.

As to answering the question: How closely has COVID-19 impacted you? Other than the work-from-home thing and mask-wearing, it hasn’t impacted me all that much. It’s actually been more of an annoyance than anything.

6 thoughts on “Truthful Tuesday 01-25-2022

  1. I too have been fortunate enough to not be truly affected by the pandemic. In fact, I THRIVED during lockdown season. But I say this with the full knowledge of how terrible it’s affected others. Different effects for different circumstances. Anyway, thanks for this post!

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    1. I’m glad you thrived during lockdown. There wasn’t a lockdown in my area so I never really experienced any sort of lockdown but I can say work has been increasingly busy since the pandemic, whether or not that’s a good thing is still a debate in my head.


    1. I hear ya, Oneta! I get antsy when I’m stuck at home for too long. No matter what, I must go out, even if it’s just to walk laps around the park. Quarantine is no fun even if it’s for others’ safety.


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