#Bloganuary Prompt Day 25-28: More Quick Responses

Day 25

Write about what makes you feel strong.

This question took me a while to think. It’s a tough question, one I don’t typically think about despite I was able to create some pretty tough characters in some of my past short stories. I think it all comes to hope and optimism and it’s what make me strong. I feel strong when I have high hopes that my current situation or whatever situation I’m in will get better eventually.

Day 26

What is your favorite part about yourself?

Definitely not any of my physical parts as they are either scarred or harshly criticized. My favorite part about myself is my untamed imagination.

It’s just about the only thing I have that no one in the family has. I’m like the black sheep in the family. Everyone is so realistic without a drop of imagination and they think my imagination is silly. It irritates me when they make fun of my stories, claiming they don’t make sense and irrational.

Reality is so boring sometimes and having a wild imagination allows me to escape reality, even if it’s just a little while and that’s why it’s my favorite part about myself.

Day 27

Where do you go when you need solitude?

Whenever I need solitude, if I can, I would hop into the car and drive. My favorite place to seek solitude is in the Uintah Mountains in eastern Utah by the Utah-Wyoming border, about 90 minutes from home. The drive is relaxing. This area tend to be a little bit less crowded than the mountain closer to my home, and because I’m farther from the city, the air is clearer and the scenery is so much better.

Day 28

What is on your music playlist right now?

I don’t have a music playlist and it’s very hard for me to create a music playlist because I’m such an indecisive person.

If I need to listen to music, I typically go to the Amazon Music app on my phone and shuffle all. It has a large mix of genre from 2000’s pop to folk to country. The oldest music (in term of year that was made) is probably the Eagles, which was one of my stepfather’s favorite band and it’s something I’ve come to appreciate in the recent months.

I usually only use the app when I’m driving to work or when I’m walking laps in the park. Otherwise, I’ll most likely listen to either a podcast or audiobook on Audible or never-ending relaxing instrumental music on YouTube.

4 thoughts on “#Bloganuary Prompt Day 25-28: More Quick Responses

  1. Black sheep get a bad rap.

    Independence is my strength.

    And don’t worry about your family and your stories. You’re an adult so you don’t need their approval. It would be nice if they liked them but even if they don’t, whatever. We like them.

    Continue to do you.

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