What do you see # 122 – New Life

Imange credit; 8machine@ Unsplash

I don’t know what I expected when I signed that waiver form. My life was over anyway. The doctors gave me a maximum of two weeks, that’s if my body behaved. Then another doctor, who called himself “the Scientist” showed up, offered to give me a new life, all I had to do was give him my old life.

I hadn’t asked questions. It’s been my one flaw from my previous life. I was the yes man for many. I could picture my new life though and I was optimistic about it. I guess that might had been another flaw. I guess, deep, deep down, I knew I was ready.

For my last days on Earth, I was provided with the best accommodations – comfortable bed, room with a view, etc. – even though there wasn’t much I could do than lay there, a feeding tube up my nose, and a catheter for you-know-what, as I watched the days pass and felt my body slipping away.

The moment arrived quicker than I’ve imagined although I didn’t see a white light or any pearly gate welcoming me to the next leg of my journey. There was just darkness, perpetual darkness, like someone put a piece of black cloth over my eyes. I tried to claw my way out but I couldn’t feel my arms. “Help!” I tried to scream but my lips weren’t working. I wanted to panic but didn’t know how.

I was trapped in an endless cycle until… “Welcome to your new life,” a familiar voice said. It took me a moment to place the voice – The Scientist.

I opened my eyes and the first thing I noticed was the bright red lights above me. My vision felt different, clearer than in the past. “Sit up,” the Scientist advised, “I think you will find this body has some upgrades your last body didn’t have.”

“Such as,” I should’ve said but instead, I was looking down at my hands – my metal skeleton hands. “What,” my lips trembled as I spoke my next words, “did you do to me?”


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