#Writephoto – Sparks Fly

They were both strangers on a mission – to find love. After all, neither felt they were getting any younger. She’s 30. He’s 32. On the contrary, their friends all said, “You’re in your prime. Why the hurry to get settled? You still have plenty of time.”

Except that wasn’t how they felt at all. They felt their time to get settled and have a family was running out.

One day, a few clicks later, they were both booked – seat 23A for her and 33C for him – on a plane heading across the pond to London. “I am going to find love,” 10 rows apart, they whispered almost in unison to themselves and smiled.

Three days later, standing in the viewing area on one side of a pedestrian bridge, her camera dangling from a leather strap around her neck, she marveled at the beautiful English village scenery, completely unaware of him standing on the other side of the bridge. He too had a camera dangling from a leather strap around his neck. They both brought the camera to their eye-level but somehow, both had trouble getting the angle they wanted. Slowly, both took a step back, then two, then three…

“Oops, excuse me.” They said at the same time and as their eyes met for the first time, it was like fireworks suddenly went off around them.


Bridge – Image by KL Caley

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