What do you see # 123 – Picture Day

Photo by Houcine Ncib on Unsplash

She never liked Picture Day at school. It’s been the day when her mother made her put on all sort of wacky costumes. “It’s for the sake of the memory,” her mother would say when the day came and she whined about the ridiculousness of the costume.

“Why can’t I have a stinkin’ life?” She muttered as she walked home the day before this year’s Picture Day. “If I did have a life, I can stay with friends for the night and I won’t be forced into mom’s costume each year.”

She remembered the previous year when her mother made her wear an 18th Century dress and carry a giant protractor and triangle so everyone would know she’s in the geeky Math Club. She shuttered at the thought.

She stopped walking before realizing she was in front of her home, her hands clenched in fists. “This year, I will stand up for myself. No more ridiculous costumes. No more picture memories.”


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