What do you see # 125 – Birthplace

“What’s this?” Lara crosses the attic and crouches beside her brother, Sam. In his hand is a photo, frayed at the edges and yellow with time. It’s a photo of a cabin in the woods, surrounded by snow and trees.

It’s been years since they have crawled around their parents’ attic, hoping to discover the mysterious past of their family’s lives. They were fascinated with all kinds of history as well as genealogy when they were younger. They were archaeologists, always out and about, exploring and uncovering ancient secrets but now that they both have families of their own, they’re forced to be closer to home.

“Turn the photo over,” Lara instructs. On the back of the photo is a half-way faded word written in cursive: birthplace. “Where did you find it?”

“It was in here,” Sam points at the rusted tin on the floor. “It looks like there are a bunch of other things in there. I wonder whose box this is.”

Through the other artifacts they found in the box, they’ve come to the conclusion the box belonged to their grandmother, the person they wanted to learn more about since they were children.

“Where do you think this is?” Lara asks.

“Better question is whether it still exist.” Sam said. He snatches the picture and the tin, “I guess we have our work cut out for us.”


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