Share Your World – Week of March 14, 2022

How do you tell if someone has a sense of humor? 

I can usually tell if someone has a sense of humor by first impression, whether by looking at the person or by hearing his/her voice. My criteria for a person having a humor are whether an individual can:

  1. take a joke without getting serious
  2. make me smile or laugh
  3. don’t take life so serious all the time
  4. don’t discuss politics 24/7. Sure, you can talk politics but don’t drag it into every conversation.

What sort of music do you prefer?

I like all kinds of music as long as it has a catchy beat and no foul language. One or two swear words are okay but don’t put it into every line. I have been switching between contemporary pop and country music over the years but I am currently leaning toward contemporary pop or adult contemporary.

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Thoughts on gravy or ‘sauce”?   Yea or nay?

A definite yea for me. I love gravy and sauce is the glue that holds a dish together. Without sauce is like a bowl of noodle soup without the soup. It makes everything dry and tasteless.

Would you enjoy a hot air balloon ride?

Part of my brain tells me I would enjoy a hot air balloon ride while the other part tells me I would be terrified the entire time – me in a basket with little to no cover for protection wobbling in the sky, no thanks. *shivers*

Share Your World Challenge

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