#Writephoto – Exploration of Downstairs

As the tour guide led the group to the next destination, Samantha and her brother, John stayed behind – Samantha on purpose, John, not so much. In fact, he stayed because Samantha had handcuffed his left wrist to her right. Slowly, inconspicuously, the two backed up to top of the stairs leading down.

“Okay, I’m with you. You can uncuff me now.” John said.

Samantha shook her head, “Not until we’re down there. I’m not going to risk uncuffing you now so you can do something stupid.”

John sighed, feeling resigned. Her sister’s the most curious creature he’s ever seen and as an animal trainer, he’s encountered plenty but none more curious than Samantha. Why does she want to explore down there? He wondered. There’s nothing but darkness. Just looking at it sent shivers up his spine. “Why do you want to go down there again?”

“Are you not at all curious to see if what the guide said was right?” What the guide said? John searched through his brain. He wasn’t paying attention. Samantha gave his wrist a hard pull, yanking him forward. “Now come on, before we’re spotted.”

Just as she took another step forward, however, a voice shouted from behind, “Oi, what you two think you’re doing?” Immediately, John let out a sigh of relief as the policeman strode toward them, waving a stick. He just saved me a trip of sewer exploration, John thought as he suddenly recalled what the guide said, “down those stairs is the entrance to the city’s raw sewage.”


Descend – Image by KL Caley

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