What do you see # 126 – Scene

Photo by John Noonan on Unsplash

Him: What do you think of this mask? (holding a black face mask)

Her: (scoffs) For who?

Him: For you, silly.

Her: (stops filing her nails and stares) If this is some lame attempt of trying to get me to go to that costume ball, you can forget it. I have plans.

Him: (lets out a dry laugh) Like what? Feed your cats? Pop your zits?

Her: (gasps) How dare you?! For your information, I do have plans that don’t involve you and your masks.

Him: Oh yeah? Tell me about your so-call plans?

Her: (opening and closing mouth, trying to form a coherent sentence)

Him: Ha, I knew it. You have no plans. (interlocking fingers in a pleading gesture) So please, do me this one favor, be my best friend, put on a white dress and a black mask and attend this black and white costume ball with me?


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