#Writephoto – The Dress

“What in the devil’s (plus/minus a few expletives) is that monstrosity?” Leanne wanted to say but instead, her mouth hung open.

She knew her grandmother is a genius when it comes to designing dresses and her grandmother did hint she was working on something the world’s never seen before. But this? It’s a bit extreme, isn’t it?

“What do you think?” Her grandmother gently touched the dress with her long slim fingers as if it was made of glass.

“Um, uh…” racking her brain for the appropriate adjective, Leanne finally said, “wow, grandma, dress made of leaves and grasses, how… innovative.”

“Do you like it, dear?”

Leanne quickly pasted a smile on her face, “Sure, I love it.”

Her grandmother took Leanne’s hands in hers and smiled a genuine smile, “I’m so glad to hear you love it because it’s yours.”


“Yes, your mother told me of your school dance next week. You will look great in it, don’t you think?”


Dress – Image by KL Caley

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