Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #192: Earth Story

This week, on Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #192, Amy is leading the challenge with the topic: Earth Story.

I’m starting the story with an aerial shot of Lake Mead. I have always thought this lake was natural but surprisingly, it’s man-made. “It’s a reservoir created by the Hoover Dam,” according to Google. I would imagine the topography must had look very different before Hoover Dam.

I believe this is Mount Rainier in Washington state. I probably shot this as the plane was near SEA-TAC airport. It was a quick detour when I went on my trip to China in 2017. According to Google, Mount Rainier stands over 14,000 feet above sea level, that’s pretty high, even higher than the highest point I’ve ever hiked.

My final picture is this massive wall I shot in Capitol Reef National Park when I took my solo trip in 2018. It’s amazing to think how long it took this wall to form and it’s also amazing to see the remnants of the park’s previous residents or historic graffiti’s as some would call it.

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