#WeekendCoffeeShare – First Week of Spring 2022

Hello, welcome to #weekendcoffeeshare! If we were having coffee, I would once again make myself a cup of what I had last week – a scant teaspoon of instant coffee and milk. Other than Starbucks Tuesday, this is now my go-to drink at home.

If we were having coffee, I would tell you though this is the first week of spring, it’s been feeling like early summer despite snowing hard on Spring Solstice. The temperature has been climbing all week – 5 to 10 degrees Fahrenheit per day, starting from the 40’s. It was in the low 70’s (low 20’s Celsius) yesterday and it’s supposed to get up to the mid-70’s degree Fahrenheit today.

I know some of you will say, “mid-70’s (mid-20’s Celsius), that’s comfortable.” Unfortunately since we’re on a higher elevation of 4300 feet (1300 meter), it often adds a few extra degrees than the temperature on the forecast.

I moved my indoor plants outdoor this week, even transplanted some peas and broccoli raab, which were started indoors a few weeks before. Last year, around this time, I had gone to the nursery and purchased over $100 of plants including 2 tomato plants which I had to bring it in and out of the house to keep it from freezing.

This year will be different. No more buying expensive transplants. I’m growing my own from seeds.

As much as I’m loving this warm weather, I’m not liking the weeds. It’s as if they had arrived overnight – crab grasses, dandelions, all kind of weeds. I thought with mass planting and mulch, I could deter some of the weeds. Maybe I have to wait until my plants get bigger?

On another note, my photography composition class concluded this week. We spent over an hour on Monday evening outside taking pictures of the clock tower. This is one of my favorites.

My next photography class will start next Friday, April 1, and will be focused on Night Photography. There will be a field trip on Saturday night to do some hands-on learning. I’m really looking forward that.

Finally, I had a humiliating incident at work this week. I had just finished my lunch and brought my water kettle and bowl to the breakroom to rinse when the head of the legal department snuck up on me. “Can I ask for a favor?”

“Sure,” I said because how else is one supposed to answer such question?

“I made a mess and wonder if you would vacuum it?”

I was speechless for a second while a hundred voices were shouting in my brain, HUH? Instead, I sputtered, “I-I’m not the janitor.”

“Then who are you?”

“I’m in accounting. I sit over there.” I pointed to the other side of the floor. I couldn’t believe it. Do I look like a janitor? Just because I’m Asian and I don’t wear pencil skirts, high heels, and make up? He apologized and walked away.

Later, he came over and introduced himself and said he thought I was carrying a watering jug to water the plants. Inside I thought, if I was the janitor and need to water plants, I would not be using the tap from the breakroom.

I felt so humiliated and embarrassed especially because there were others that saw the whole thing and no one said anything even though they both know who I was. It’s wrong to make assumption about someone.

I didn’t tell mom about the incident because I knew how she’d react. “If you dress nicer, you wouldn’t be mistaken for the janitor.” She’s never been on my side, always the other side.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this edition of #weekendcoffeeshare, hope to chat again same time next week.

9 thoughts on “#WeekendCoffeeShare – First Week of Spring 2022

  1. Wow – YingLan,
    I hope that guy was embarrassed. Assuming he’s not a bigoted jerk and he just made a mistake, perhaps you gave him the needed reason to better think through how hurtful his words can be and he’ll rethink his actions.

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  2. I am looking forward to seeing your garden this year. It is still very cold here, my tomatoes are probably going to live in the windowsill for another month, or so. I always grow vegetables from seeds, I really like to be a part of the whole process. Last year I grew some bell-peppers with seeds I saved several years ago (when I lived in California.) Best of luck with your gardening endeavours. …and just ignore the jerk at your office, there’s always people like that.

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    1. I’m looking forward to what my garden can provide this year, hopefully, with the new soil I put in last fall, it should be filled with nutrients. I started my tomatoes on Saturday and hopefully, I can get them in the ground by early or middle of May.
      Good luck with your gardening as well. 🙂

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  3. I’m sorry you had that bad experience, but I’m glad he had the decency to return to introduce himself and apologize. Hopefully he was embarrassed and won’t make assumptions in the future. He may have been flustered already because of the mess he had made.

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