Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #196: Humor

John from John’s Space leads this week’s Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #196 with the challenge theme of Humor. Way to pick the theme, John, you really have me digging into my head and my archives.

First of all, I should say I am mainly a landscape photographer and most of my photos don’t contain people. In my opinion, there’s often not much humor in nature photography unless you’re talking snow in July, which I have seen, then there’s some humor there. For a beginner hobby photographer like me, I think I’ll stick to people photography to show humor.

These images were from April 2021 when I visited the Utah State Capitol on a beautiful warm spring day hoping to capture some spring photos but instead, I found myself witnessing a bubble party. The expressions on these kids’ faces cracked me up even to this day whenever I look at them.

They were laughing. They were were running around, chasing bubbles. They were having fun. Looking at them having fun made me feel a little sad though, sometimes, to see how much I’ve missed out on my childhood.

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