#AtoZChallenge 2022 – Victory Gone Awry

Photo by Dimitris Mourousiadis on Pexels.com

Contain strong language, please be advised.

Richard groans groggily as he slowly regains consciousness. “Welcome back,” Micky is leaning against the stone wall across from Richard, his arms crossed.

“You betray me, Micky.”

“Actually, my name is Miguel. Special Agent Miguel Chavez with the Federal Bureau of Investigations.” Micky aka Miguel grins. “And I would shake your hand but it appears you’re a little tied up.”

Until this moment, Richard wasn’t aware his arms are tied above his head. “How could you? I treated you well. Gave you plenty to eat, a place to live, I paid you well. How could you?”

“I can ask you the same thing, Mr. Hitchcock or is it Mr. Ashcroft? How could you murder so many without so much as batting an eye? I know you’ve written a few great thrillers but to find out just what a sick psychopath you are?”

Richard suddenly howls with laughter, “You have been with me for what? Seven, eight months? And you’ve never reported the murders. You just stood there and watched me do it. Never said a word. I can’t believe I fell for that special agent bullshit. Oh…” Tears begin to fall from his eyes as he continues to laugh. “Special Agent…you do a shitty job at that.”

Miguel balls his fists but deep down, he’s angry at himself, for taking advantage of the luxurious life instead of doing his job. He knows if he has done his job all along, then Richard Hitchcock would be caught months before and there wouldn’t be so many deaths.

In three long strides, Miguel crosses the room until he’s an inch from Richard’s face, who is still pulsing with laughter. Just as he about to open his mouth, a throat clears behind. “Agent Chavez,” he turns around to find two agents standing behind him. How did they get here? Miguel wonders. Without me noticing?

“We’ll take it from here.” The one on the left says. “You can go upstairs and take the witness statements. They are congregated just in the corridor.”

“But,” Miguel protests, “you have no idea how dangerous this man is. I’ve dealt with him for the last seven months. I know what he’s like.” He refuses to be undercover for so long and then just be sweep aside while these two in suits take the credit for the arrest.

The agent on the right points at the exit. “Go, Agent Chavez. We got it from here.”

“No, I am not leaving. If anyone’s going to arrest this psychopath, it will be me.” Miguel bares his teeth like a starving animal. The three lock eyes until Richard laughs, “You all are a big fat joke, you know that?”

The agent on the right once again points to the exit and in clenched teeth, he orders, “Go, Agent Chavez, before I slap a pair of cuffs on you.”

Theme: The Mystery of the Millionaire Mansion

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