Share Your World – Week of May 2, 2022

From Tena: What constitutes a sandwich in your opinion?   Is it only the standard two slices of bread, filling (including spreads or meats and cheeses and veggies), put together in a stack?

I think the definition of a sandwich is two pieces of something (doesn’t have to be bread) smash together some kind of filling in the middle. If you ask me if I think a hot dog is a sandwich, I would say a hot dog does not constitute as a sandwich. Though a hot dog bun can be separated into two pieces, the bun is still one piece, unlike 2 slices of bread.

From Marilyn of Serendipity: Are ‘strong’ and ‘tough’ in regard to character the same thing or different?   Please explain your reasoning for either side you pick.

Strong and tough are the same and different, depending on the situation. In my opinion, “strong” is used to describe the mental toughness of an individual while “tough” is used to describe the physical or emotional side of things.

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From Paula Light of Lights Motif II: What’s your opinion on RSVPs? Obviously, formal occasions require them, but what about invitations to dinner/movies and the like?

I think RSVPs are often used for work events, so the event coordinator can know how many chair to put down, how much food to order, etc. However, if the invitation to dinner or movies is with a group of friends or strangers, then by all means, RSVPs is the best way to go. That way, they’d know to wait for you.

If a friend invites you to something, are you obligated to reply? Yes, I should think that’s a part of basic manners.

What if you say yes and change your mind? How much notice is enough? I would say 24 hours would suffice unless it’s very last minute.

Is it OK to simply no-show to a casual social event you’ve already agreed to?   Unless you’re never going to see that person again, I don’t think it’s okay to not show up to a casual social event you’ve already agreed to.

From Sadje: Do you think Hell has walls? Maybe it’s because I suffer from mild claustrophobia but I often imagine Hell to be surrounded by walls.

From Jim of Unique Title for Me: What would you name your boat if you had one?

That’s a tough one given that I get seasick easily so owning a boat would be out of the question but since this is Share Your World, let’s imagine for a minute my seasickness is cured. I would probably name my boat “The Extraordinaire” because I would imagine that boat cured my seasickness.

What will finally break the internet? Probably social media.

If you had to change your name, what would your new name be, and why would you choose that name?

I was supposed to change my name when I became a naturalized citizen of the U.S. I wanted to change my name to Carol, mom wanted me to be Catalina (like the island off the coast of California) so she wouldn’t confuse me with her friend Carol. Neither sounded like me. So thanks, but no thanks, there’s no other names out there for me.

What are some things that sound like compliments but are actually insults?

“You’ve done great.” but actually you’ve done a horrible job as see the fake smile paste on the other person’s face. That’s a white lie but to me, it feels insulting to have someone lie.

If you could know the absolute and total truth to one question, what question would you ask?

What did I do to deserve such horrible reputation among both of my families? I know it can’t be as simple as my gender. I must had done something as a child to deserve eternal lecture. Maybe I blocked it out. I don’t exactly want to remind myself I’m a good person every day and second guessing my actions.

From Marilyn of Serendipity: How many bloggers are trying to balance the likelihood that WordPress will hike prices against the near certainty that their computers are ready to roll over and die?

I’m definitely one of them. I upgraded because I was running out of storage but if the pricing goes up to a level of un-affordability, I’m moving my blog somewhere else.

From Cyranny of Cyranny’s Cove: What’s the most impressive, or oddest thing you’ve ever fixed with duct tape (or something similar)?

I don’t use duct tape. I use Gorilla glue, which is better because the repair is not as apparent as it is with duct tape. Let’s see, my house slipper was falling apart, so I used Gorilla glue to glue it back together. I also glued my phone case back together with Gorilla glue. That’s about it.

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4 thoughts on “Share Your World – Week of May 2, 2022

  1. Thank you Yinglan for Sharing Your World. I think your given name is very pretty just as it is. So no change necessary! 🙂 Sometimes when we have frustrating/frustrated or just plain mean people in our families, they make up their own reasons for abusing someone verbally or physically. I doubt (well I hope sincerely) that your gender is not a factor in what you go through, because although I’m American and don’t intimately know your culture, I think that’s terrible. Many people over the whole world want healthy or even not so healthy but with problems that are correctable problems babies because they can’t have them. No disrespect meant, but that is one point that always puzzled me about your culture. You are a wonderful person to know and I know I enjoy our correspondence. Have the best week possible Yinglan!

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    1. I actually asked my therapist a similar question during my session today because when I was young, my aunt used to say, “You cannot have a normal day without somebody getting angry at you, can you?” My mom frequently says the same thing nowadays. So, being told that on a day-to-day basis will make a person question whether he/she is a bad person that needs to be lectured each day. I ask this question almost everyday and sometimes, I just had to tell myself, “you are a good person,” as an affirmation.
      I don’t know whether that’s my culture or my family. I’ve lived most of my life in the U.S that whatever culture I came from is my former culture, not my current culture.
      Thank you for posing such deep thoughtful and interesting questions. I hope you have a great weekend ahead.


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