#SundayStills – Monthly Color Challenge: Random Image for #Teal and #Aqua

A bit of teal there at the top of the pattern. I made this at the end of last year. I have another one going, which I should probably finish to add it to my crochet blanket.

I don’t know whether you can see it. Maybe it’s just my laptop screen but I see a bit of teal-color water there. Light is so cool sometimes. It can make colors look so different sometimes.

Perhaps Emerald Lake is just a fancy and nicer way to describe the teal-color water?

I didn’t see the teal/aqua color streak in the color until post-production. I guess that’s just what the camera will pick up when you let it expose for a while.

…and this final photo came from my visit to the Ice Castle, a famous attraction in Utah. You’re literally walking through an Ice Castle.

Sunday Stills

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