#SundayStills – Finding Inspiration in #Feathered Friends

I recently took a trip to Strawberry Reservoir, located about 90 minutes east of Salt Lake City. According to one of my mom’s co-workers, it’s a popular spot for crawfishing and the family love some seafood.

After the tent (the kind for hosting barbecue) was set up, everyone was fed and began to go their separate ways, I went searching for photography inspiration. After somehow ending back in the marina parking lot, I decided to head back to the tent. It wasn’t because I was afraid of being left behind (happened before) since I drove my car.

From the tent I headed toward the other direction and there it was, my inspiration. Quickly, I swapped out my 17-70 mm lens for the 70-300 mm lens (to give me a longer zoom) since I didn’t want to get too close to scare it away.

I’m sure it’s probably not the best bird picture I’ve ever taken but still, I think it’s pretty good.

Sunday Stills

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