I’m glad I’m off today…

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I’m glad I took today off from work because I don’t think I can work even if I wanted to. I saw my rheumatologist yesterday, told him about my sleepless nights and itch. He had no clue what’s causing the itch and I had a feeling I’ve asked the wrong doctor but I made this appointment 6 months ago and it was worth a shot.

He prescribed an ointment and an antihistamine, which he said will supposedly help me sleep at night. I haven’t been sleeping well because of the itch. The itch usually comes in the middle of the night and would wake me at around 2 or 3 AM.

I was looking forward to finally getting some sleep. So an hour before I wanted to sleep, I took a tablet of the antihistamine, brought my laptop to my lap and began surfing the web. A few minutes later, I began to feel something. Head spinning? Vertigo? What did this doctor prescribe me?

It only lasted a few seconds but I felt it.

So I turn off the laptop and put it away before I do any damage to it like dropping it onto the floor. Ouch!

Turning to my phone, I watched YouTube until I felt it was time to sleep, which ended up being about 2 hours after I took the pill. Surprisingly, I slept through the night without so much of a scratch. The pill worked and it made me wonder whether my itch was caused by an allergen and not lupus.

This morning, I woke up, feeling dizzy and drowsy but at the same time, my mind felt wide awake. I’m still feeling like I’m in a haze. Am I going to feel this way the whole day?

I’m so glad I took today off because I can’t face anything today.

7 thoughts on “I’m glad I’m off today…

  1. Did you also try the ointment? I had some strong steroid creams in the past that made me feel a bit dizzy and it turned out I was supposed to avoid sunlight when using them!
    Not sure if this helps, but you never know. Hope that you’re feeling a bit better and the itchiness has passed ❤️

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