Truthful Tuesday 07-12-2022 – The Truth about News

What is your honest opinion of the news and how it is shared right now? Are we being informed or fed Pablum designed to keep us uninformed and in the dark?

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When I moved to Utah 15 years ago, I spent the days glued to the TV, watching the news. I didn’t paid attention to the headlines per se. I mostly kept it on as white noise in the background. It was also the analog days where we only got about 10 channels (sometimes less) over the antenna. So, it wasn’t like there was much to watch. The only segments I was interested in were the cooking segment and segment where the person introduced a fun spot to visit in the state.

In the recent years, however, I have paid less and less attention to the news. In 2020, I completely stopped watching the news. The pandemic and experiencing the earthquake made me feel like the world was crumbling around me. I remember asking myself, “Am I going to survive this apocalypse?”

I’ve only just recently begun watching the news again and only about the weather. I still try to avoid watching the headlines because one, it makes me anxious, and two, I have no interest of hearing any commentaries mom has to offer about the topics. The other night, as I was playing on my phone, waiting for the weather to come on, mom shouted, “This is so liberal!”

“Huh?” Immediately, I looked up but I was too late, the headline had disappeared from the screen. Mom walked away, muttering about the news network becoming left or toward liberalism.

Inside, I wondered, how could she tell what’s left and what’s right? I certainly couldn’t. News is news, isn’t it? Whether it’s the leftist’s view or the right. Whether we’re being told one side of the story or the other, and whether or not we’re getting the whole truth. News is just the history book, isn’t it? It’s only told from the POV that matters, which is the hero because let’s face it, no one wants to hear the villain’s POV.

2 thoughts on “Truthful Tuesday 07-12-2022 – The Truth about News

  1. All I can say about TV news is, “I want Walter Cronkite back!” He read the news without putting any spin on it. Those were the days. Print media is a little better, but reporters ask questions from their point of view.


  2. It comes down to perspective I suppose. What is flaming liberalism to your mother, might look like moderate or middle of the road thinking to someone else and to someone else still, the same exact story will have them muttering about damned right wing conservatives. Maybe that’s what’s changed. At one time journalists and reporters were supposed to stay unbiased and just report the facts. Now EVERYONE has their slant, their take on any subject under the sun. What I want to know is why do those sort of people think anyone else even cares about the first person’s OPINION. It’s news. It ought to be exempt. Good post Yinglan! 🙂

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