What do you see # 142 – No Swimming Allowed!

Please note: This is fiction!

He didn’t see her at first. After 4 hours of trekking challenging terrain, all he saw was a sweet, secluded spot to swim, naked. After all, who wants to hike back down the mountain in wet underwear?

He inhaled and exhaled a deep breath. “At last.” He declared before starting to strip. Within minutes, the only thing remain was his boxer shorts when he heard a bark.

“Rrr, ruff, ruff.” Frantically, his hands flew to his chest as he spun to find the culprit of the voice. There, by the water, was a white wolfish dog. This dog does not belong here, the thought popped into his mind.

Quickly, he threw on his jacket and made his way to the dog but just as he was about to grab its collar, another hand reached up and stroked it fur. “Good boy.” A bell-like voice cooed and there she was, a few steps behind the dog, in her knitted cap and woolen jacket.

Immediately, he stumbled back. “Oh, sorry, I thought he’s lost.”

She gave him a quick head-to-toe scan before her hand flew to her mouth, stifling a laugh. “You do know there’s no swimming allowed here, right?”

Face red, his gaze followed her finger as she pointed at the sign. “No swimming allowed.”


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