Sunday Poser #88 – Incorrect Assumptions

What do people incorrectly assume about you?

There have been quite a few things people have assumed incorrectly about me over the years. From a search into my archive, I’ve come up with these 2 posts:

Another one of these wrong assumptions is people looking at me helplessly because of my size, like I am incapable of doing things on my own, like I need help all the time, like I cannot lift a 40-lb of salt.

A few weeks ago, my uncle came over to pick up a 40-lb of salt my mom had left for him. The salt is for the water softener. We have very hard water here, which often leaves white powdery residues at the bottom of pots and pans.

My uncle also has long perfectly manicured fingernails. If you get a look at his hands, they are pale and soft like a man who hadn’t lifted anything over 5 pounds in a day of his life. I think I have rougher hands than him.

I told him where the bag of salt was and returned into the house. “Ouch!” I heard the dull thud of the 40-lb bag being dropped. I ran back outside. “What’s wrong?” Had he broken a nail or something?

“It’s too heavy. Maybe we’ll wait until your mom return so we can load the bag together.” In the back of my mind, I was like “three people to load a 40-lb of salt?” I loaded 4 bags of those things just a few weeks back by myself.

“Let me help.” I didn’t want him to stay longer than necessary being my least favorite uncle and all. He can get upset or angry at the drop of a pin. Before he could object, I lifted the bag, one hand at each end of the bag and rushed to the back of his car.

His jaw dropped. “I didn’t know you can lift that.”

I shrugged like it was nothing. I can lift a lot even at just 4-foot-8-inches. 40-lbs isn’t a lot of weight. Try 50.


6 thoughts on “Sunday Poser #88 – Incorrect Assumptions

  1. I’ve faced similar issues before where boys literally told me to stand away so that they could move chairs and tables. Ofcourse they were being chivalrous, however at that moment I was a little pissed lol.

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  2. There’s an old saying that goes “Never judge a book by its cover.” You can’t tell anything about a person by making assumptions, except maybe the external stuff like eye color, hair color, height and so forth. All superficial things. I’m glad you stepped up. At least one person will no doubt now view you differently!


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