#SundayStills – All About #Roadtrip

The theme for this week’s SundayStills is all about road trips, whether it’s recent or long past. For the last few years, I’ve had at least one road trip each year. They were all memorable in one way or another and I still find myself reflecting on them from time to time.

In 2021, I spent almost a week exploring Central Utah’s Highway 12, driving through quaint little towns with a couple hundred in population and staying in cabins and RV parks. My favorite parts about the trip was getting to drive the whole trip, watching and getting to capture a beautiful sunrise, and seeing the night sky with little to no light pollution.

In 2019, I spent a week on the road in California, going to places I’ve never been during my 4 years of living in SoCal.

The most memorable road trip so far has to be 2017 when I drove northward to Canada and spent 10 days exploring the Canadian Rocky Mountain region before heading back down to see Mount Rushmore and Yellowstone. My aunt and I got to experience a wide variety of weather from warm and sunny like summer to cold and snowy to rain and hail like spring. It was like we experience three of the four seasons in the span of three weeks we were on the road.

My 2022 road trip will be in September and I feel so excited for this road trip. For this road trip, I am heading back to Canada but this time, I’m touring Toronto and Ottawa as opposed to the Rocky Mountain region, which I explored in 2017. I will also be going to Niagara Falls, Philadelphia, and Gettysburg as well as getting a glimpse of where George Washington and his men crossed the Delaware River on that cold Christmas night to turn the tide on the Revolutionary War.

I think the most exciting part is I will be celebrating my birthday in Canada. It will be my first time to spend my birthday on the road.

Sunday Stills

7 thoughts on “#SundayStills – All About #Roadtrip

  1. Your road trips sound amazing, Yinglan. I’m glad US residents can visit Canada again. My hubby just got his new passport, so hopefully, we can take a day trip north to Canada soon. Your upcoming birthday trip sounds delightful and I look forward to reading about it later 🙂

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